Long overdue!

It’s been a while!

I’ll start off by sharing a cool fit pic. Cecil sent this shot in about a month ago while he was down in Melbourne. Rocking a fresh pair of Indigoskin Slim Tights, his photographer girlfriend Alice snapped the photo while strolling through one of Melbourne’s famed alleyways. Thanks guys!

Be sure to check out Alice’s website/portfolio while you’re at it – www.heshiyun.com

Now back to business. Due to some technical difficulties you may have noticed for the past week our main site has been down. We’re working on getting that back up as soon our hosting company sorts it out. In the meantime please direct any enquiries to info@inseam.com.au. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Thankfully we have some good news as well. We will receive our shipment of Iron Heart Devil’s Fit this week and if all goes well, up for sale within the next. This is super exciting as the IH-666 are, in my opinion one of the more interesting cuts offered by IH in terms of both fabric and fit. A mix of modern and classic coupled with the trademark IH ruggedness. This is definitely one to look out for.

Here is a teaser of what’s to come. In both [raw] and [black overdyed] washes respectively.

– Nathan


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