Dr. Bronner’s

Just sharing an interesting article about an interesting brand. Customers may have noticed we like to give out a small sample of Dr. Bronner’s soap with every pair sold. It may not be specialised denim soap but there is something to be said about their philosophy. For us Dr. Bronner’s reflects raw denim at more rustic and organic times. Just like Dr. Bronner’s, raw denim strikes that delicate balance between aesthetics and a general ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude. They have a very particular style that has neither changed much nor caved to any modern pressures. So next time you pick up a pair of jeans from us take a good look at the bottle, I’m sure you’ll be a little amused.

Read about Dr. Bronner’s at The Undiluted Genius of Dr. Bronner’s – Tom Foster, Inc. Magazine 

Hall of Fade competition winner announced!

Just a quick post to let you all know our Hall of Fade competition winner has been announced. You can read all about it here. Congratulations to DRINKX14 for his awesome Indigoskin submission. It is only fitting he wins another pair to carefully destroy so this pair can be put away as a trophy!

DRINKX14 Indigoskin Slim Tight

Also honorable mentions go out to both Prachya’s Imperials and Toshi’s Ande Whalls who will both be receiving discount codes for the store. All three were incredibly hard to pick apart but as Michael from Hall of Fade said, there could only be one!

Toshi Ande Whall Grifter

Prachya Imperial Duke Indigo

Ghetto leathers

While we’re not endorsing denim as a leather replacement in any extreme sport you’re undertaking, check out the damage our friend has done to his pair of UB201 with this gratuitous ass shot.

This is the calibre we’re expecting of the submissions to our Hall of Fade competition (John @ Without Wash high contrast 101’s are also a good example)! Meticulously crafted through over a years worth of longboarding slides and falls. A nicely aged pair of jeans definitely beats rashes up and down our buddy’s shapely posterior. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of jeans without completely sacrificing ruggedness our $85 Unbranded are definitely worth the investment. Peep it out – The Unbranded Brand

Alive and Kicking

After an extended period of being caught up in other things, we have finally gotten around to updating our website and addressing prior issues with checkout and payment.

We have also added the option to shop from our Facebook page!

In more exciting news, we are hosting a competition on Hall of Fade between 01/01/2012 and 01/02/2012. What better way to start the new year than by winning yourself a free pair of jeans? Stay posted for the competition details…

Long overdue!

It’s been a while!

I’ll start off by sharing a cool fit pic. Cecil sent this shot in about a month ago while he was down in Melbourne. Rocking a fresh pair of Indigoskin Slim Tights, his photographer girlfriend Alice snapped the photo while strolling through one of Melbourne’s famed alleyways. Thanks guys!

Be sure to check out Alice’s website/portfolio while you’re at it – www.heshiyun.com

Now back to business. Due to some technical difficulties you may have noticed for the past week our main site has been down. We’re working on getting that back up as soon our hosting company sorts it out. In the meantime please direct any enquiries to info@inseam.com.au. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Thankfully we have some good news as well. We will receive our shipment of Iron Heart Devil’s Fit this week and if all goes well, up for sale within the next. This is super exciting as the IH-666 are, in my opinion one of the more interesting cuts offered by IH in terms of both fabric and fit. A mix of modern and classic coupled with the trademark IH ruggedness. This is definitely one to look out for.

Here is a teaser of what’s to come. In both [raw] and [black overdyed] washes respectively.

– Nathan

News roll issues

We’ve been hearing complaints of our news roll having small accessibility issues. This is our fault and will be cleared up soon. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the main site – please use this link inseamstore.wordpress.com

Updates have been a bit slower lately but IH666 in both raw and OD washes are dropping soon so stay tuned.

More fit pics are also coming but in the meantime if you’ve bought a pair from us and would like us to showcase its progress we’d be more than happy to oblige! Just send it over to info@inseam.com.au


– Nathan




Understanding Denim Part 4: Japanese Reproductions

Those who watched the “Faded Blue Planet“, will know that Japanese denim originated as a reproduction of the American brand Levi Strauss. Levi’s are a mass produced, run of the mill denim, so what makes them so special?

As with all great things, there are often humble beginnings. Levi’s were one of the earliest makers of jeans in America. However, back then the appeal was for the workers, who required strong and durable work pants. Levi’s along with Jacob Davis came up with jeans that used copper rivets to strengthen points of strain on their work pants. Jump ahead a few decades and suddenly Levi’s were being worn by younger generation, where it became a fashion trend.

Levi’s were well known for a few key elements in their jeans:

The LEVI’S tab – the iconic red tab on the back pocket of all their jeans at the time. As many of you will know, the “Big E” Levi’s are those that were manufactured before 1971, being some of the originals, whilst the Levi’s made after that date have a lower case “e” on the back tab.

Big E tab

Small e tab

Pocket arcuates – the double arcs on the back pockets of Levi’s are the most commonly seen design today.

Levi’s Pocket Arcs

Rivets – what made the jeans so popular to begin with. Rivets were used to strengthen stress points.

Pocket Rivets

Button fly – the original, and what is considered to be the most proper. This is why most denim enthusiasts will opt for the button fly over a zip fly.

Leather patch – the patch on the back of the jeans with two horses pulling a pair of Levi’s in half.

Levi’s Leather Patch

Coin pocket –  that fifth pocket most commonly above the right pocket. One of the features every pair of jeans now has.

Coin pocket with selvedge lining

You will find ALL these features on the Japanese repro’s of today. Many companies have also faced legal action for copyright infringement of the Levi’s red tab, pocket arcs and even the leather patch, however you will still see many similarities between popular repro brands and the original Levi’s.

Studio D’artisan Patch

Old Ironheart Pocket Arcs

That said, the Levi’s jeans of today offer more form than functionality. They no longer have to cater to the labour work market and now mass produce their jeans using cost-effective methods and materials for greater profit margins.

This is where the Japanese repro’s come in. Many of the top tier repro’s will be handmade to an extent – some are even completely handmade.

Furthermore, they tend to use unique materials – offering high quality denim which are specially created for individual jeans. The construction of the fabric is what gives the denim the character and unique look when faded. The weaving process is very specific in creating the warp and weft and the tightness or looseness of the denim.

The dyed yarns run across the warp giving the denim the indigo colour, whilst the undyed yarns run across the weft creating “slub” in the denim. The thickness can also be varied for different weights as some of the Japanese brands have denim weighing over 26oz.

Slubby Naked & Famous x Oni “Big Slub” jean

The leather patch is also an important and overlooked aspect. A small feature which really helps to define a pair of jeans. Japanese repro’s take this one step further by offering a range of unique leathers and materials which age with the denim.

Last but not least, the repro’s often make use of the hidden rivets seen in the original Levi’s to reinforce areas such as the back pockets and the crotch to provide enthusiasts with the form and functionality that the original Levi’s were known for. Anyone with a quality repro will be able to agree that not only do they look great, they are also a lot more durable compared to other brands on the market today.