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Alright folks, first things first, in addition to our newly implemented FREE Australian shipping policy we’re also offering another Christmas helping. Using the coupon code – XMAS2012 – you will receive 25% OFF on any order over $200. No one should be without a healthy stash of denim in their wardrobe this festive season – happy shopping!

Now for our biggest announcement yet, big things are happening here at iNSEAM. Pictures are definitely worth more than our heat-induced ramblings so we’ll just leave this little (huge) teaser here.


Stay tuned!

DIY Distressing Denim

If you’re like most of us and stuck behind a desk five out of seven days, I could probably get behind taking a bit of sandpaper to your jeans to speed up the wearing in process. Just don’t be splashing around bleach so liberally like this fellow here. That shit’s heinous.

How do you think they turned out?