Naked & Famous – ‘Weird Guy’ Left Hand Twill Selvedge

It’s our fit of the week again over at Hall of Fade. This week we’re showcasing a pair of Naked & Famous jeans in the ‘Weird Guy’ straight cut. They are possibly the most versatile model that Naked & Famous produce. The denim is mid-weight at 13.75oz and are relatively easy to fade. However, the most interesting feature about this pair is the ‘Left Hand Twill’ weaving of the fabric. As opposed to the typical ‘Right Hand Twill’ weaving found on most basic denim, LHT is reserved for more premium jeans and allows for a more unique texture and overall softer feel. You can cop your own pair here.

Weird Guy - Left Hand Twill Selvedge

Naked & Famous has landed!

We are very excited to announce iNSEAM are now carrying  Naked & Famous. The brand hails from Canada and are run by some of the most passionate people in the denim industry. Their core philosophy is ‘raw and simple’ – just the way it should be! All their jeans use only the finest denim from Japan and cut for the modern wearer. No other brand boasts a more eclectic yet traditionally minded collection. Now without further ado, we present some of their highlights in our stock.

Weird Guy – Left Hand Twill Selvedge

Weird Guy - Left Hand Twill Selvedge

Cut in Naked & Famous’ signature ‘Weird Guy’ (low rise, tapered) fit. It’s unique weaving method makes the Left Hand Twill Selvedge the softest raw denim you will ever wear. Also available in ‘Skinny Guy‘ fit.

Skinny Guy – Broken Twill Selvedge

Skinny Guy - Broken Twill Selvedge

Cut in the ‘Skinny Guy’ (regular rise, skinny leg) fit. Broken Twill denim is woven neither left or right giving the denim a distinctly bolder texture. This gives the denim a naturally deeper indigo finish.

Skinny Guy – Lightweight Selvedge

Skinny Guy - Lightweight Selvedge

Lightweight Selvedge weighs in at an uber-light 10oz. Ideal for Australians battling our temperamental climate but still wanting some raw denim in their rotation. Also available in ‘Weird Guy‘ fit.

Weird Guy – Solid Black Selvedge

Weird Guy - Solid Black Selvedge

Black denim should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Why not make it blacker than black? Similar fabric in ‘Skinny Guy – Black Power Stretch

See the rest of our Naked & Famous collection here!

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Alright folks, first things first, in addition to our newly implemented FREE Australian shipping policy we’re also offering another Christmas helping. Using the coupon code – XMAS2012 – you will receive 25% OFF on any order over $200. No one should be without a healthy stash of denim in their wardrobe this festive season – happy shopping!

Now for our biggest announcement yet, big things are happening here at iNSEAM. Pictures are definitely worth more than our heat-induced ramblings so we’ll just leave this little (huge) teaser here.


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DIY Distressing Denim

If you’re like most of us and stuck behind a desk five out of seven days, I could probably get behind taking a bit of sandpaper to your jeans to speed up the wearing in process. Just don’t be splashing around bleach so liberally like this fellow here. That shit’s heinous.

How do you think they turned out?

Denim FAQ updated

For those who missed it last time around we have re-uploaded our popular Understanding Denim series to the FAQ section of the site. It should be a helpful resource for any denim noobs looking to invest in their first pair. You won’t be disappointed!

Also, hit it up via the blog as well if you want to see some pretty pictures.

Bonus video here as well.

“I have only one regret, I didn’t invent the jean” – Yves Saint Laurent