Indigoskin Slim Tight – Day 3

Day 3 – June 12th, 2011

Just a quick update. Having only worn these for a few hours at a time for the past few days they have stretched a surprising amount. Enough for slight sagging but still rigid enough to make some awkward stacks. The taper is not as severe as something I’d usually wear so that’s taking a little getting used to.  Mobility isn’t an issue. Through the leg it’s still tight but not restrictive. I could probably still roundhouse kick a mugger if need be.

Hypothetical acrobatics aside, nothing interesting to report over the past few days. If Sydney keeps this inconsideration up, updates will be sloooow. It really was an effort to brave the harsh weather for this photo but what can I say, fortune favours the bold! Never fear though, since this is Australia I’ll be probably be getting into a turf war with a kangaroo sooner or later. I’m pretty much just counting on that for some fascinating fades at this rate.

– Nathan

*For reference. I’m 5’5″ 120lb. I had these hemmed to 30″ from the standard 34″.


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